Gardner-Lee Workforce & Opportunity Solutions works with existing and emerging business owners to enhance their access to governmental, credit, financial, and others markets and agencies.  Several of these businesses are small, women, veteran or minority-owned business.  Gardner-Lee’s Board of Directors, staff and volunteers believes and promote the facts that if these business owners are afforded the proper access and support required for equipment purchases, property acquisition, business growth and expansion that these businesses will not only be successful, they will also accelerate the rebuilding of their communities.

Studies have shown that individuals whom obtain education, training and skills beyond high school are less likely to become homeless, incarcerated or unemployed.  People whom have earned at least $50,000 per year, make up only about 1% of the U.S. prison population.


Brookings Institute found that poverty, race and incarceration are interconnected.


Gardner-Lee Workforce & Opportunity Solutions partners with potential employees, employers, community groups, governmental agencies and others to identify the barriers, properly address the issues and provide credible training and supportive services that will create real employment opportunities for the individuals, while allowing the employer to fill  employment vacancies with the most qualified and skilled applicant(s) available.  


Gardner-Lee’s Board of Directors, staff and volunteers work to ensure that all people, with increased emphasis on minority, women, veteran, disabled, LGBTQIA, homeless and youth, are engaged, prepared, and trained to fulfill employment opportunities that are available.  


Gardner-Lee understands that this work requires more than the usual talk about opportunities or inclusion.  It also takes more than individuals or organizations coming to a community and filtering the resources out of the community through salaries for non-profit staff and administrators. 


Governmental agencies, employers, labor unions and others must commit to working with these communities of need, to develop credible program(s) and providing the resources and support required for successful implementation and results.  At completion of the program(s), all deliverables and results shall be provided to the community(s) as soon as possible.


We are looking forward to working with you in the near future!

Gardner-Lee Workforce & Opportunity Solutions, Inc. will ensure increased training, assistance, support and opportunities to under-utilized; under-represented; marginalized and other individuals to improve their earning potential; education and business opportunities; and quality of life!

Gardner-Lee Workforce & Opportunity Solutions, Inc. Founder Troy Parker came to The Bay Area to fulfill a job offer at Stanford University. Troy worked at Stanford University for 4 years. In his role at Stanford, Troy had the pleasure of working on several projects. He worked with teams that included Trades People, Managers, Engineer’s, Contractors, Project Managers, and others.



Troy later moved on to accept another job offer with Santa Clara County as a Building Inspector. In his occupation as a Building Inspector, Troy inspects all aspects of building construction within the County’s jurisdiction. Troy has enjoyed the pleasure of providing a public service and assisting contractors, homeowners, building professionals, and others.



As much as he was enjoying his employment, Troy was taken a little by surprise by what he saw on a daily basis over nearly 5 years. The Bay Area is considered by most, as the most progressive, inclusive, and diverse area in The United States but, Troy could not help but to notice the lack of inclusion and diversity in these trades, jobs and businesses.



As a disabled black male, Troy and The Board of Directors of Gardner-Lee wanted to ensure that minority; women; veteran; disabled, LGBTQIA and other under-represented individuals became aware of opportunities as they became available. They wanted to ensure that these individuals were equipped with the proper skills, support and training to be successful when the opportunities were presented. In 2017 Gardner-Lee Workforce & Opportunity Solutions, Inc. was formed as a 501(c)3 corporation to increase the education, training, employment, business and other opportunities afforded to all individuals; with increased emphasis on

low-income, minority, women, veterans, disabled, LGBTQIA and other under-represented groups.



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